bon voyage*

How oft we had spent
Our times on the boat, at the bay,
Singing our Love and the lovely day
As morning came to our lives,
How oft we thought to take us
To our dreams which sing as we pass
Idling , indolence dripping from woken leaves,

Now that we know, rivers of life how do flow,
Now that You, love mine, in my heart hath sown
Poesy, paintings, writings by LOVE and Agape Borne,

Come , let's not simply sit quiet on the boat,
With rays of Sun new born upon you,
Come, love mine, let's sing with ease full throat,
As sings for spring, a cuckoo or Nightingale,
As sings Philomela, come, my heavenly angel,
Fill me with music, tuneful and mesmerising,
Come, let's take a rowing down, la amore, for our rising,

Let's go out, bon voyage, You and I,
Where , the waters of our River of Life
Happily meet the expanse of our Sky.

(*Note: the painting attached, upon which this poem/scribbling is loosely based, is Gifted to me by a friend mine.
#VVolegov : a painter and artist per excellence.)


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