The Eyes Had It*

Your Eyes
They had it,
i guess,
They had
All those things,

And Your smile,
So childish,

Joys there
One can easily see,

In thy eyes,
And that smile,

They held everything,
Every possibility,

Only now we feel,
How You that held,

Your ways to usage
Of theatre, comic relief,
Your getting into voice
Sombre, almost grave,

How i recollect
Your tendency to use
Supernatural to the extent
Of paranormal things,
Invoking dead, so many,
In your fictions, prosaic,

They all arrived,
They were turned into scripts Thine,
Only to plant knowledge ,
You had felt within, the Divine,

So you used puzzles,
How they dazzled! 'Tri nayan TRI nayan, ektu jiro'
(Third Eye, Third Eye, take Rest)
You hath written that, once
In a novella thrilling, power packed to the dense,

You art a Maverick,
Non pareil ,
All those part of your smiles,
So childish,

How you made Allegory of Power
And corruption,
Getting into our veins,

How you made sweet balls edible
To fall into a battleground, filled
With impoverished soldiers,
Magical, real and how they fell
Onto the Vast territory of field,

How you played with numerology,
Breaking impasse , one too many,

Your face, your smiles,
Your eyes,
They held all.

{* Note:

#TheEyeshadIt: the title is inspired by a Ruskin Bond Story title. There is no link, however, between this scribbling, a humble tribute to Satyajit Ray, on his birth anniversary, with that Ruskin Bond story.
#trinayantrinayanektujiro : a puzzle used by Satyajit Ray, in a detective novella, written by him, for children. In that novella, however, that puzzle led to numerology, e.g. TRI standing for three(3), 'jiro' for zero (0), etc;}


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