Apu and the runaway train*

Apu and the runaway train*

Thundering through
The paddy field,
Ran a locomotive,
Sooty smoke smouldering
How evoked wonder,
In a boy and his sister,

Ran there, fast and quick,
The  small boy, his earnest legs,
Apu was his name, and his sister,
Elder one, followed him
Close to his heels,

Ran they, only to see
And feel, the Flowering Autumn
In them, and the thunderous

As it ran,
Through the paddy field.

{*Note: the picture attached is supportive of the idea that the poem/scribbling generates.
#throughthepaddyfield : Apu is a character of a famous flick by Satyajit Ray.
In that flick "Pather Panchali" (The Song of the Road) Apu and his sister were seen running through the paddy field, being too eager to see a locomotive pass through.
The imagery is pretty common in country side of this part of The World.
In my childhood days, passing through the meadows filled with 'Kaash' flowers had been no less an adventure and thrill. 'kaash' flowers only bloom during Autumn, which is also a very important season for bengalis. Durga puja and several other festivities happen, usually during the season. So this poem should be taken as a tribute to Satyajit Ray, his most famous work , and also to some extent, a celebration of festivities of nature and human life.}


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