The Child*

Look at you, Child,

How by wonders you remain
Struck, away from the crowd,
In the midst of greenery,

Whence after waking
You look at the world
Trying to grasp
What has made you
And all around you,
i think of you child,
Your ways of making out
What causes flowers to bloom
What causes buds to sprout,
What is there that fills the air
With so much of life,
What is the meaning of
Taking a deep soulful dive
Into Your Mother's Love,

Look at You, Child,
How simply by sitting there,
You fill me with the Pure, fair,

i just look at you,
And through Your Innocence
How me finds the rhythmic sense,
In foliage thick and dense.

(*Note: loosely based upon a picture as attached; courtesy: T.W.)


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