Ode To Juno*

O You, Mother of All,
Holding the reins of Thy Chariot,
Riding the clouds, drenched by Thy light,own,
O You , Mother, how You keep sown,
Seeds of Love, the Benevolent, The Protector,

Whence it is raining so,
Love, from Your beauteous Bow,
Whence in love, Thine, praying,
Kneeling , forever, at thy wonders,
i , loosing all mine, in thy Holy Divine,
So mesmerising, so golden, enchanting,

O You the Eternal Bliss,
If by thy bless, the Sun rises in the East,
Every day, and sets in the West,
If by thy Love, so Potent,
Every man and woman and child move,
If by thy Providence, me somehow linger,
If be cause of Thy glowing warmth, me music Thine, try to decipher,
As spread across all spaces and times,
If Thou hath made That Superb Painter
To find Thee, before his eyes, so envisioned,
As if he had taken thy lovely golden potion,
So , so long ago, before my fore father's birth,
Before the birth of our State, Nation,
If Thou hath made the Universe,

On a sweet sunny morn, O You The Beauty,
Hera, The GODDESS, the Charioteer
Of my little clogged heart, come onto
This World, now,

Come Juno, raise thy winged stare,
Make me make out Thee,
You, the Creator of Sky, and the Sea,

Come, as Thou hath spread widest,
The painted form, as once seen and done
By Luis Lopes Piquer, as he had been blessed,

Come You, GODDESS of Morning's Dew,
Make a remake, of this space,
You as doth create, The House,
As the home of dreams, as by colors so dressed.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting, done by Luis Lopez Y Piquer, a Spanish Artist and Painter, as attached;

#thehouseofdreams : the title of the painting
#Hera: Roman GODDESS
#Juno: Italian GODDESS)


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