A Room to Sleep*

With the day spent singing You,
Mon dio, so much love as Thou giveth
Onto me, my friends and family ,
Whence Thou hath loved me so,
Prithee, sing for me, once more,
a song of Thy Bless, a lullaby,
As i go to sleep, to my room of a Bed,
Whence the cool night has so descended
With Agape, stars whence come twinkling,
As if they are part of Your smiling Eyes, blinking,

Come, Love mine, Selene, give me sleep,
To my drowsy intoxicated heart, drenched full
By thy love Profound, vast, so Beautiful,

Come, Peace of BEAUTY, sing for me,
Do an encore, of Thy song soulful,
A lullaby, patting me to dreams Thine,
Filling me, my Room of a Bed,
Whence you have cared to look at me, of late,

Sleep be our heart, with Peace and Light
Of Moon and million twinkling Stars,
How they glitter like wonderous studs,
Onto Your Holy Shape, Luminous,
Come, love, You the Ever glorious,
Come to my sleepless eyes,
To my Room of a little, tiny heart.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, herewith;
Courtesy: Sam Carlo)


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