One rainy afternoon*

One rainy afternoon, *

One afternoon, of June or July,
Remember, love, we took a ride
Down the city, of ours,
When it started to pour ,

We perhaps took the tram,
From that ghat, by the River,
And down we went how,
Through the lanes and streets and roads,

Remember, love, how we talked
About making our home
Somewhere where only Peace resides,
You said , 'we can always by the riverside
Build a cottage for us'
Remember, how then the rains
Made us porous,

On the glass how the drops of rains fell, like watery colors,
Making me and you shut out, translucent,
From the outside, as the tram us did send,
To so many talks and laughs,
How we by the rains got drenched, sapped,

Your hair, had those tiny drops
Of water gathered at ends,
Remember, love, how the tram ride us to fantasy did send,

The ride was so lonely ,love, so Pure,
Only you and i, and the ticket checker at the door, "Tring! Tring!' How the bells were made
By the ticket checker to emanate
Soft jingles to be into the compartment spread,

O how you giggled at every Thing,
How i spoke of what monsoon to the city usually does bring,
I talked trees getting wet, slippery roads and watery lanes,
You just listened, your fingers on the window pane,
They had polished nails, red cherries as if,
You held in them, so subtle, lingering
Like your perfume me  lavender dreams did bring,

Then from that ghat, as the tram made its way,
To the broad, the Queen's Way,
You asked me to look out,
There how in rains stood motionless a few chariots,
Horses and the horsemen quiet,
Under the big Mahogany Trees , drenched by rainy twilight,

And we moved from there towards the Palatial Structure all white,
Colonial and Gothic so in its grandest Design,

The fountains there, in rains, looked how lovely,
Remember, how that tram ride brought before us the city,
How we talked, painted, scribbled and made
Our tram ride, a Golden Moment?

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached. Courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Artist : Orhan Gure)


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