Happiness with You*

At the beach, whence once as a kid,
Me went with you,
Mother, how me did show,
The Vast wonder of the Sea,
Sky where met the waters, salty,

How thence, little me,
Seeing for the first time,
The waters so Huge, foamy,
Filled with Aphros, Luminous,
Thought of riding those fishermen"s boats,

You laughed at me,
(Once whence, we went to the sea,)
And asked father to bring a toy boat,
(Didn't me hanker after that, a boat
We always back home, had,
Placed over that bookcase with so many artefacts)
And once father did that bring, how i tried to float,
That tiny little (made of polymer, and paper sails) toy boat,

You watched me, doing things there,
Afternoon was then falling through the air,

Soon perhaps joined with us , Father,
(He had that uncanny habit to gather
Shells, oyesters, crabs and turtles,
From the sands , only to make a release
To them to the waters of the Seas)
And me perhaps ran to him to make
Him look how that tiny toy boat
On choppy waters, by the breeze did haply float.

(*Note : loosely based on a painting, as gifted to me, by a friend mine, as attached.
Courtesy : V.Volegov.
#HappinesswithYou : the title is inspired by the title of the painting.)


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