Aha! those cherry blossoms*

Ah! Those cherry blossoms
Pink and purple and red,
How You there, Mother Earth,
You by the roadside, so bred,

How come me stops there right,
Away from all chaos, of the city,
How come me pauses my breath
Mother, whence Thou such Beauty before me , by LOVE, so spread,

Me stops my works, all useless,
Me sings for Your Bower, where You as if by the wonder of beauteous Spring Summer, put on
A lovely red, pink and purple Dress,

Aha! Those blooming cherry trees,
How in me buzz the bees,
How seeing them so pink, purple red,
Me thinks of Thy wonders, whence Thou , as if for me, there
So beautifully by the road, bred.

(*Note: loosely based on a photograph of cherry trees, as attached. Courtesy : Jen Walls)


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