Ode to Eos*

Ode To Eos*

Whence You hath caused aflutter
In all, Aurora, the mornings of us,
Whence Thou hath given a rise
To all, like our births, everyday,

How come, me not finds Thee
Amidst the chaos that reigns
This little world of us, so filled
With dins, noise, bustle,

Why, Diva of our births,
Thou come like a painting
Still, onto heart mine,
Which wonder makes that happen,
Tell upon me, GODDESS,
Whence Thou hath sent across
Soothing light Thine,

Eos, how You hath blessed
Guerin Pierre,
Who had given to Thee,
Thy shine,
Thy splendour,
Thy Holy Rise,

How , this happening here,
Love, Canst you hear
How my heart is getting slowed
Beats how are getting synced
With you, light of my Love,

How , Diva mine,
You cause such a rise
In my foolish blood,
That i Canst , resist you,
How, like Cephalus,
I, find my self , lying,
And our child,
How he keeps playing.

{*Note : upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done by Baron Guerin Pierre -Narcissis, 1813, titled "Aurora(Eos) and Cephalus"}


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