On a breezy breezy day*

On a breezy breezy day*

On a breezy breezy day
If i go to find the darling buds of May,
How I find them not
Shaken and stirred and felled
But how like an angel like Ares
Oft i find them trembling quite
As if spreading their winged shapes,
Completely in harmony with the song
Which the breezy breezy day sings for long,

And I keep standing there
Feeling the blow of the cool air
Passing through me, my mind my Soul
How a breezy day brought home all
That I never tried to measure or count
On a breezy breezy day, how Divas dismount
From their height of pedestal tall
Much like a Dream keeping me awake
O how a breezy breezy day all that is mine do take.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based,
#Ares: the Goddess of breeze, wind, air,)


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