On Arethusa, Hylas and Naias*

On Arethusa , Hylas and Naias*

Where art thou gone
Arethusa of my morn,
Whence Thou hath caused
Naias to make her way,
As if to hold Hylas on sway,

Where art thou gone
Spring, whence summer
Has so vehemently come,
Heracles whence one can see
Lying asleep by the sea,

Where art you gone,
Whence the warmth
Of Thy Love has bloomed
In flowers , at the Heath,
Where hath Thou held
Heracles so captive.

{* Note : loosely based on a painting done by John William Waterhouse, (1893), showing Naias, the Nymph of fresh water, approaching Hylas, who is fast asleep.
J.W.W. also did a similar painting in 1896 showing Hylas and naiades.
#Arethusa : Nymph of Spring who could make her way through subterranean flows. }


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