Ode To Satyajit*

You have remained like a Doyen,
Of tinsel world, and so many other things,
You have remained so,
So varied , spelling new meanings,

Last year whence
I went to see
You came to me
As too much condescending,

Year before that,
Whence I thought of You,
As an egalitarian,
You hammered home a point,
How you me with You joined,

Then i try to recall
(My memory , God, why remains so clogged?)
Devi, the birth and death
Of a woman caught
In nonsense of norms,
Society where goes down thy barrel,
Shooting can never be
So full of photography,

Had Thou been here still,
(O how in my Soul
and mind You i feel),
You would've made
All stories of Yours

Then those sci-fi acts,
Going to Saturn, Neptune , Pluto,
You got that Lens of Yours,
(Corleone , Vitto!)

Got a photo
Of You, Oh!
You shaking hands
With Marlon  Brando,

But then,
In so many other things,
Thou had brought new meanings.

(*Note: today being the Birth Anniversary of Shri. Satyajit Ray, the Most Prolific Filmmaker and writer and Painter and artist of The Country, this poem is dedicated to Him.
The picture attached is Taken by me, for the purpose of Poesy.
The picture does not promote Smoking , as Smoking is Injurious to Health.
The picture should be taken as a form of Art.



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