May Day, a dream unfulfilled*

May Day, is a dream,
For me, for You too,

That kind of May Day,
As probably Joseph F. Nollekens
Imagined, and out laid,
With his pastoral mind,
Men , women, children,
Rich, poor, The happy and the grim,
All having a day out,

At the yard, a church not far away,
A tree standing tall,
Almost taking the shape of an outline,
At one side, erect,

And people of town and village,
Coming out , gay, into the yard,
Merriment, in the air,

Paintings oft how cause a flutter
In the wings of people like me,
Who doesn't matter,

Paintings, how do us cheat,
Like fancy, as once a poet Decreed,

May Day,
Is still celebrated at the gates of factories,
Right there on the street,
As if, a Dream.

{*Note : the painting attached, upon which the scribble is loosely based, is titled "May Day", done by a dutch Painter Joseph Francis Nollekens (1702-1748)}


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