Down the slope of the hills, near the lake*

Down the slope of the hills,
Near the lake, whence i once
Came thirsty, wandern lust
Whence made a call to me,
Those trees glistening bright
Whence me came down the slope
One day, bitten by the spirit of exploration,

How me got thy pure Air, into my lungs,
How you, love, helped me to breathe
And inhale thy sweetness of regenerative love,
Just then, me thought, you were not simply
A Lover, You art someone more,
Up close to me, guiding me,
Just then felt i , on my skin,
Your light, your kindness soothing,

And the lake , it also looked wonderous,
Glistening just like those trees
Of Thy Heaven, thy Paradise, unchallenged,

How in painted forms oft my self i lose,
Holy Mother, Earth, thy Fertility how
Hath provided All with something
To live for, under Your watchful Eyes,
How everything and every being stay,
So harmonious, O how i still miss that day,

Whence down the hills i came away,
To the lake and its rippling waves
Glistening at the breaking of a Supranormal Day.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached, done by simple brush strokes and  candid artistry.
Courtesy : Torino Art, Iulia Gherghei)


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