Writing a billet doux for You, one morn*

Writing a billet doux for You, one morn,
How me with Your letter of love,opened
Like a beautiful day, coming through the window, sit quiet,
Coloring tubes and pencils and pens,
They all lay beside me, useless,
As i think of you,
O You, my morning dew
My Joys of Heart,
My faraway Love,

How me becomes quite
A posture of sitting, as if someone
Made to seat, a model for a photograph,

How comes to me,
Giving sweet jitters within,
Never to be let out,
But only to be felt within,

How me thinks of our going to places,
Your childish laughs, my quippings
Unasked about how you spend your life,
So away from home,
How You cope with the waves of Light
As it perhaps fills your room,
Faraway from me,

And I how become quiet,
As the morning kisses me, soft,
Waking me to life of Love, music, painted scenes,

How i become the morning itself,
The soothing light, the calmed Soul,
The blooming blossoms, the fragrant breeze,

How i become Love.

(*Note: the picture attached is Taken by me for the object of heightening and decorating the poem/scribbling.
Courtesy: Tess Kincaid,)


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