That meadow, the grassy land*

That meadow, the grassy land
Is there where we go wandering,
(One such a splendid morning)
There , love, we go,
Where songs of life, the meadow
For us, so beautifully sow,
There, we will feel the breeze,
Blowing for us, sure,
We go there, to sing our life,
Like many many years ago,
Sang someone, being by Beauty,
So made to celebrate Love eternal,
That meadow, love, that heath,
Where we can, take a breath,
Come, there we seek what we love,
The birth of the Sun, from behind
The clouds, playing hide and seek,
Come, there we go, to find Love deep,

Who knows, there we might create,
Another song, another day, just made,
Who knows, there we might find again,
Our life, filled a fervour, only to pen,
As penned we, several centuries ago since
We had discovered, songs of Love in panoramic scenes,

Who knows, by wanderings we could remake,
What we had lost, in ravages of time,
Those little specks of gold, of Sun upon the grass, laid,
Shining like a photograph, our sweet take
Of morning , singing a serenade.

(*Note: the photograph attached is Taken by me, for Poesy.)


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