Let's extend the Olive Branch*

Let's extend the Olive Branch*

Let's extend the Olive Branch
For without that how can we,
Survive in this mortal land,
When we do kill us by bombs and guns,
When we do kill us, by terror filled burns,

Let's extend just that Olive Branch,
Let's do what we are supposed to,
Loving each and every one,
All are so made, to live,
Living under the same Sky and Sun,

All are whence so made to live in Peace,
Come, We the Morning with Love do kiss,
Come, We color the World with Shades of White,
Where we come, drenched by heavenly Light,
Come, We color ourselves with Morning's glow,
Where the flowers and buds, all to us just show,
How much Piety and magnificence, The Lord,
For us all, with equanimity, along with 
Love , so lovingly,  doth upon us, bestow.

(*Note : this poem/scribbling is actually a merger of two different poems, written by me, for World Peace Poetry cause, a global initiative, undertaken on 15th May, 2016)


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