On a spring filled day, at a beach, *

On a spring filled day,
Whence the breeze blew
From the sea, as if
Sweeping us with Love,
How me finds in dreamy scape
Going to the beach, on holidays,

There , how me finds,
Mother and her child,
How She keeps her offspring,
Close, as if protected
By Her Love, that holds no bar,
How me finds holidaying, unbarred,

One springy breezy day,
Perhaps of June, or of May,
How me finds at the beach,
Sands, trees , coconut green,
A painted form, a poetic scene,
Mother guiding her child,
Across the waves, foams, surf,
Like a meaningful posture, so by LOVE
Gathered, in the flowing , musical wind,

And I could get the feel of the warmth,
Of keeping close to The Mother,
The Eternal force, the Universal form,
Rising like Venus, from the seas,

And others too, walking searching perhaps those Starry things,
A pebble, shiny, an oyester shell,
A little crab, crawling across,
On the sands, through the boulders,
Usually found in pied a way,
How by the springy air, me gets swayed,
As if a grand, vast , scene,
Of holidaying one Spring.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached, Taken by me, for poesy)


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