Mother and Daughters Three*

Mother and daughters three*

How You had always cared
For the three,
Of your angels,
Your daughters,

Whilst one You feed
Another you give plenty
Of apples and fruits,
Knowledge and Truth,

How You had giveth
All three , thy angels
As Guiseppe Thou by Art
So spread before us, laid,

You had always been
Part of the interior Family Scene
Your daughters how you handled
Singly ,( despite having thy husband,
Perhaps He had gone to works,
His works, The Lord knows,
Never ever stopped)

And You provided them all,
Your blood, your Chord
Of nourishment,
Your knowledge of the World,
Apples and fruits,
Wisdom of Thy Beauty and Truth.
And the Open Window
To let more of light
Fall onto the Floor
Of Thy cottage, humble,

You had taken care of all,
(Did, needle and stitching, perhaps, too,
Wearing on you thumb, the thimble,
Stitching old clothes
For children Thine,)
O How You me finds
In every write, every line.

{*Note:loosely based on a painting done by An Italian Painter extraordinary, Guiseppe Magni, (born in April, 1869), student of Prof. Ciseri, learnt painting at Florence.
The title of the poem/scribbling is inspired by the title of the painting as attached.
#InteriorFamilyScenewithMotherandthreedaughtersbyanopenwindow: title of the painting as attached.}


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