L' Innocence*

How once again Mother,
In search of You,
Me goes to Bouguereau,

He had called three of You,
Child two
In Your arms,
The Babe, the lamb,
And You,

So pastoral,
How right in front you,
William , How had you
Got them ,
Canst you come again?
And tell upon us,
We, the fallen angels,
And Babe,
The Blessed Goatherd,

Thou hath never been
Lonely, (as oft sung by children,
Following Music of Thy lyrics,)
O How, Bourgeureau, You had paints
Forever doth in hands and fingers stick,

Come again, babe ,
Let's go out to that Valley,
Where Lamb yours
Come home in one's and twos,
Coming Home, after grazing the day,

Come , Adolphe,
Take us whilst we may,
Try , just to catch the Rhythm of a day
So blessed by Mother mine,

Come, Love,
Let's go there,
Singing You, The Divine. {* Note: loosely based upon the painting as attached.
The attached painting is given to me, by a friend mine. The painting was part of the Mothers' Day celebration as held on 11th day of May, 2013.

#William Adolphe Bouguereau: French painter and artist extraordinary.
The painting attached dates back to 1893.

#babe: Child Holy, Jesus,
#Mother : Mary, Maria, Virgin Holy,
#l'innocence : the title is inspired by the title of the painting as attached, meaning 'The Innocence'}


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