Flowers out of cup*

Flowers out of cup*

Left that cup empty on that table,
Tea was taken , (Your reputation of creating patterns
Was just like a habit,
Knowing that,
Last year gave you
A Henry James,

Cloudy you the Goddess,
Your portrait Canst i never make,

Only a huge envelope
Once pushed through
Beneath thy door,

Putting together all "billet doux", And whence left that cup
Of tea, )

Went out to see
The dusk,

Coming back,
How I see
Made a portrait of me,

Flowers out of cup
Pouring out,

And me thought
It was pure an art,
Figures on plate,

(*Note: the painting attached is Taken by me, for poesy, courtesy: Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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