"having the expanse of infinite things
like amber, musk, benjamin, and incense
lift us singing, senses and spirit"

Sang Charles , so lit
Once he felt perhaps deep
How writing billet doux to You
He missed the morning's dew,

And see, how i , again, for you,
Taken up my pen and the page
So white, how i make it a poem,
All for You, the Diva of my heart,
Carpe Diem,

How for you i pass my days,
How for you, i preserve all Unsaid
Amber, musk, scent of Roses,
How i preserve them all
For a spring, summer or a fall,
How upon page white,
I just think of Thy bless
How for you I, preserves my writes,
As if they will go all for Thou,
How each word spell my doom
For you, how i with poems fill my little room.

(*Note: the title is inspired by a poem of Charles Baudelaire,
The quote used at the beginning of this poem is also from Charles Baudelaire poem.
The picture attached is there to decorate and beautify and corroborate the essence of this poem/scribbling)


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