Come Aphrodite *

Come Aphrodite*

Come La amore,
Whence by thy bless
Can me see
You like the Diva
Riding the clouds
Of thousand swans,
Whence Thou hath
Come, floating
Into my room,
Come Prithee,
At that shade of the Tree,
Where love Thine,
Thou hath left
Adonis like,
After the wanderings,
At rest,
Peace coming to His Eyes,

Come Aphrodite,
As You did come
On the Broadest Canvas,
Painted form,
So light filled,

Come Diva,
With Thy siblings and child,

Come like a breeze mild,
As if from Mount Olympus,

Come Aphrodite,
Take, to Love Thine, us.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached depicting Aphrodite arriving to Adonis, who seemingly is resting, under a Tree, Cupid and other children angelic as also seen around Aphrodite and Adonis.
The Painting is Taken by me for poesy and promoting Love and Kindness).


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