At Moulin Rouge*

Once , into a flick, so we got deep,
That you, remember,Mon amour,
Laughed  and giggled,
Right in the hall, dark,
Only we were visible,
Our eyes rested on each other,

Your smile, me thought
Was just like that Actress
On the silver
Screened we were as if,
You, me and our deep
Love spilling over,

O How Profound you had been
My Beau, my lover,

I just looked at You,
You were watching the flick,
And the hall was dark,
Only seats empty were lit
And heads of few
Lovebirds as there gathered,

me thought we should write our flick,
Me , You the Diva of my heart, and
Our never ending love story, deep,

O how into each others ocean
We , so haply, dipped.

(*Note: the poster attached is Taken by me , for poesy. The poster was made by Toulose Lautrec)


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