Will laugh heartily whence you will see
Through that browbeating stare
Of those farmers and peasants of the Santiago state of Chile`,
How in fear they had got wasted, spoilt, starved to death almost,
by those roads running through, the middle path of the country,
How they were circumscribed by
Political ban,
Sexual ban,
Religious ban,
Still how they got bailed out
By giving away to
The townsmen and townsfolk;

Though too blatant citizens had not yet been born,
Or will they never be born
Before complete destruction
And that Santiago state of Chile`
Wilt be a non populated state, empty, void;

We are born to become the country,
And is it the only Truth that we are merely, a landscape.

(*Note: the picture attached is a poem titled "Chile`" , by Nicanor Parra, the Chilean poet, storyteller, and essayist.
The poem is translated to Bengali by the students of the Institute of Spanish studies, Kolkata.
The picture is taken from "El Camino", numerous 14, 2008, for the sole purpose of Poesy and translation and transliteration.)


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