You wrapped by linen, *

Finding You by linen wrapped
By the window, where the daylight Lapped
You up , is such a poem
By itself, a painting as spread,
Finding you asleep, hard, ignorant
Of the World and me,
Is such a feel, filled with satiety,

La amore, how can i leave Thee,
There as You sleep,
Have not i promised to me,
To keep my eyes upon you rested,
Everywhere, every shape,
As poems come dropping by,
O how beautiful is it,
To see You, fast asleep,
Light as caressed you,
And words as come onto me,
As wrapped we become,
So entwined, closeted, unified,

How come me leaves Thee,
As poems and paints come dropping by,
So stringed we stay, unified.

 (*Note : upon a painting as attached, loosely based, done by Alex Cherinigin, Courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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