Whispering Cherries*

Whispering Cherry*

Tell me, Diane,
What does the Cherry do
To make your museum board
Whisper so much
Of Love and peace, as comes
The spring?

Tell me, You,
The painted scape,
How come You know
What does cherry tree do
To me, every spring?

Art Thou a follower of my heart?
Do you do poesy in pastel colors?
Have you also found that poem
Which many years ago hence
Pablo wrote saying "I want to do
With You, what spring does to
The Cherry trees"  Tell me, You the Blessed one,
Diane, as You wrote it too,
On board filled by Spring's own
Drops of lovely dew,

Tell me, Diane,
Now that we are so together,
Your pastel, my feathers,
Working at tandem as if in a dream,
As for Your love and passion i sing,

What made you, way back in eighties true,
To find nascent love in shapes of dew,
Gathered quiet on the blooming tree,

The whispering cherries and unadulterated me,
As me finds more in You,
Tell me, what does the spring do
To You. (*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached done with pastel on museum board, in 1984, titled " Whispering Cherries".
Artist : Diane Johnson.

#pablo : Pablo Neruda. 'I want to do with you, what spring does ...' A popular poem by Neruda.
#whisperingcherries : the title is inspired by the title of the painting, by Diane Johnson, as attached.)


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