Where the water lilies bloomed*

Once found You,
After a spell of rains,
Where those water lilies bloomed,

There found You,

It had been perhaps
Our sole purpose
You and me,
Finding more of us,

In painted scape,
Nay, not that only do i swear,
In many forms, many pied layers,
Found You, love,
Like that song once sang,
You , the lady ,
As if muse of Chris de Burgh,
It looked so lovely,
That day, You the dame,
Gave You, the dulcimer,
Perhaps, writing my name,

It had been such
A wonderous day,

You and me,
Not only in painted scape,
Finding more of us,
For our lovely escapade,

Poems dropped,
In ones and twos,
And the trees turned red,
Catching our soulful Hues.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done by V.Volegov.)


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