The Daughter of Reshi*

The Daughter of Reshi*

How in painted scape
To Reshi, the River Valley
By thy bless, GODDESS
me escapes,

There, there art thou
Me finds idyllic, Pastoral
Beauty Thine, cuddling
Dear mine,
How me goes back,
Taking a turn, as if nostalgic,
A few hundred years perhaps,
How i , child Thine, by thy kind
Reshi river murmuring soft in reeds

Out of that music, watery flow,
Unstoppable, forever i go,

There, there Thou Art,
How with a deer play,
Playful Diva, caressing
The muted Spectacle
So beautifully as imagined,

Perhaps there the Reshi's daughter
Came and sat quiet, in the valley,
And out of the flock, one would
To Her, go near, O Dear!

How me can still see,
They playing,
Playing eternally,
As played Love and Music,
By Thy Bless, as they doth stick,

How in painted scape,
To that Rhadine,
Me escapes,
Where glows thy Divine
Where remains thy shine,
Never ever to be tarnished , incorruptible,
How through poesy and paints,
Me writes a story, a Fable. {* Note: the painting as attached, upon which this scribbling/poem is partially based, is done by a student mine, Anwesha Chowdhury Mitra.
#Reshi : a River , (Sikkim) }


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