Take me to the eve of Roses*

As the day has almost gone,
Mother, whence Thou Art,
There cradling me, always, Borne,
In arms Thine, supple and soft,
Take me, to that eve of Roses white,
Where the buds bloom by thy splendour bright,

Mother, take me there,
To thy Divine presence,
Keeping me Borne,
In the soft dying daylight,

Take me there,
Blown by the spring summer's beauteous air
Take me there,
As once Trent Thou etched
With Child Holy wrapped
In thy love,

Take me, mother mine
To that garden
Of blooming white,
Make me rise
To thy Omniscient Kind,

Mother, help me
There to find
How Thou hath always
Found for son
Thy Love

Whence the spring
Is so blooming,
Whence the air
Is carrying fragrance
Of sweet pollens,

Take me to thy
Never ending compassion,
From where none wilt wish
To return to the Chaos,

Mother, take me,
To thy Heavenly Bower,

By thy love
Make me have
A shower,
Of Thy lighted scape,

Whence Thou Art so Divine
Take me to thy shine.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached, done by Trent Gudmundsen, titled "Evening among the roses", which was part of the painting exhibition held in 2007.
The exhibition was organised by an organisation called " The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints". The exhibition was christened as "A Mother and an Overflowing Heart")


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