Reaper, reaper*

Once a poet seeing you,
Working and singing,
Got so enchanted,
That not knowing your
Tongue, wrote a poem
On your music, which
Filled him and the valley,
As fills a tune, as fills music,
The bowl of a heart,

Now that i am standing
Right there, in the midst
Of vast, undulating greenery,
Spread across me, reaching
The skyline where meets my eyes,

Now that i can hear your songs,
As you do reaping corns and putting
The sheaf of grains in heaps, braving
The Summerly hours, happy doing
Your works, ignorant what is happening
Around you, so busy you are, loving
Your works, so lovely a sight to behold,

How can i cease, not praising you,
The sons and daughters of the Mother
Earth, the farmers true, toiling your last drop
Of sweat and blood, falling over the ground,
Making moist the soil, and also me,

O how me gets carried away by the beauty of the Summerly breeze,
So benign and yielding, telling upon
Me how works mixed with passion
Of Love can make a day, cause a fountain
Of joy to erupt in full poesy wrought in
Music and colors of the mind,

How , now, that am i standing
right before you, can i make out
What prompted Ruth to sing,
What instigated Philomela to sing,
What caused Persephone to wail
For Adonis, what love, what Beauty,
What Passion makes all to kneel
Before Thee,

O Your soft and yielding Mother,
Pray You keep thy bless on all,
Those who hath found You not
In builds of concrete and heat
Of dust and contamination,
But those who sang for You
All moments of their stay,
All events of a day,

O You ,Love, the colored feather
So light as unbearably light,
Come onto me and all and sundry,
As Thou came once to the corns,
To raise thy people, suffering from
Acute starvation and poverty,

Come Thou, Artemis like, drenching
My Soul, filling my empty empty couldron,
As seen once, by Enrico, in painted canvas,
As heard and sung , with unpremeditated ease,
By a poet once going away from hometown
To the highlands.

(*Note : loosely based, as attached, done by E.Santos. courtesy:Alex Artista," Art without Limits" series)


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