One beautiful day of Jan*

There, one beautiful day of Jan,
Standing on the ground,
Looking around, found
How the chill of the wintry breeze
Had swept us back,
Where we had left our memories
As good as new ,with love, so wrapped,

Pine trees, rhododendrons, eucalyptus,
Deodars, Oaks, Wild berries,
How all of them before us
Happily did pass,

And that cottage, our resting place,
Behind the bush of Honeycombs and myrtles,
How opened to us to new vistas,
How from its porch we saw the hills,
Covered with snow, blue and white,

How we had held in us,
The joys of our rides,
To faraway places,
To the valleys and greens,
To snow covered peaks,

Where Beauty forever
Like Love, upon us, drips.

(*Note: based loosely upon a sketch as attached, done by a friend mine .)


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