Near the lotus pond*

Many years ago, since today,
On an afternoon , how by the pond
We passed our happy lovely day,

You took your paintbrush and worked
Creating a world of your own, as if a dream
Whilst me, heard songs of cuckoos, parakeet,
Singing with consummate flow, ease,
How the day had passed, how flowers wild teased
Us to let go of all we had, all we held close,

Many years ago, just like today,
How by the pond we sat, whilst we did say
What we always held into our hearts,
You colored with oil on canvas,
Reflecting exact what you saw,
Whilst your colors me mixed with writes
Till the day came to the dusk, up close, right,

You while working with tubes of colors
And spatula and easel, also hummed
A song, me, in connivance with you
Our outing to the wild , in poesy tried to sum,

Is it not a wonder,love, after so many years,
Still me can easily go to you, and to that day,
Whence we spent our day, in music, paints and play?

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached, done by G.Neswadba,
Courtesy: Alex Artista, WAAF series)


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