Like a Diva, with a Rose*

Like a Diva,once did I see
Her with a Rose in her hand,
As the day came to us,
Jocund and gay,

I looked at her, a Diva as if there,
A dream,standing with a rose, in her hand
And the sweeping breeze,
Eloping with me,  to the eloquent and grand,

The three horses, there behind her stood, (Their men gone a tending
To their maids, as if attending,)
As if they did brood,
And I looked at her,a Diva there,

The day had been wonderous,
Breeze blew cool,
The farm house not far,
Three horsemen where
Gone a tending,
To Their maids , as if they
Went there to say,
How many roads, and Meadows and towns,
They had come passing by,

By the nights and the days,
(Before them, they came, so attending,)

And like a Diva, her did i see,
Standing there,
With a Rose in her hand,
Standing fair, as if a dream,

The Three Horses
Were also near,
Sweeping  breeze
Whence caught them ,
Eloquent and fair. (*Note: the painting attached, is used for  decorating the story in the poem, courtesy : Alex Artista,)


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