Whence the Starry Starry night comes
You and i whence take a seat
Under the canopy of the sky
With twinkling things,
Celeste's bless whence we both feel
On our skin, touching
Each other slight,

How me finds Thee
O The Womb of All Creation,
Growing betwixt
That small space
As you and i
Come closer,

You would then perhaps sing
That song which calls us little things
And by your song perhaps you
Your self thence offer to your GODDESS,
Me thence, also feel that trace
Of light
From faraway as it comes,
Nebulas, galaxies , shooting stars,

All they come to us,
As we come closer,

You whence sing a song
For Your Love,

And whence me finds me
In your soul,
Like putting my self into the Cove,

Thence how we become Love.


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