Human habitation and blooming plum trees at Vetheuil*

How watching those plum trees
And human habitation
Near the hills, with spring time
Blooms filling the colored air,
How me finds a link,
Betwixt we , now that we gaze
Across the skies and oceans,
Living centuries and miles
So apart,
How me finds Claude,
Doing the same,
And we did last summer
And winter too,
And the year before that,

Yet living so apart,
How me finds You,
The Eternal Beau,

Prompting me,
To go by Thee,

And see,
How colors gradually
Fill me.

(*Note: based loosely upon a painting as attached done with meticulous craftsmanship, by Claude Monet, titled "Plum Trees in blossom at Vetheuil 1879", courtesy : Keith Linwood Stover, Iulia Gherghei)


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