Holidaying at Hills*

Holidaying at hills*

Whence the last time
We went holidaying,
You, me, and our songs of Love,
Your paints, buckets of colors,
My pencils, pens and camera,

Whence last time we went up there
The hills of our Love, our living with love, in that unpolluted soothing air,

Oft after walks and treks,
We would sit, upfront,
The cottage where we got lodged,

How i remember perfect,
As if painted in my mind,
A landscape,

Those hills looking at us
From a distance,
And you, Diva mine,
Looking at them,

How i remember perfect,
As if a painted scape,
You sitting staring at the Vast
The calming tranquil scene
Dressed up to last
Several centuries,
as it had passed,
Few more already,
You looking at them
Those trees, flowers, hills,
Shadowy places of cool breeze
Which flew without cease,

And me looked at You,
And the landscape,
As if painted,
Forever to shine,

O how by touring hills
More of You, I find,
You, the Diva,
The Eternal one,
The Grace of the Divine.

(*Note : upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done by Jacqueline
Brochu; courtesy : Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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