Feeling the Nice plein air*

Sitting at the pier and watching
Those boats and sailors and men
Singing as they are getting ready
For their voyages to the sea,
Is such a beautiful feeling,

As if me can hear their songs
Carried by the nice plein air,
They singing aloud, gay, jocund,
The spring summer in that lovely
Flowing breeze, catching them fair, "Brandie, You art such a fine girlie
What a good wifey You would be"

How me hears they singing aloud,
Catching the nice plein air,
Full throated, joyous , proud,
Of their rowings and love
How me sitting at the pier
Can hear all that, flowing
In the spring summer air.

(*Note : upon a painting, loosely based , as attached;
Artist: Bob Francis,
Courtesy: Iulia Gherghei, Keith Linwood Stover,
#nicepleinair : title of the poem is inspired by the title of the painting as attached,
#brandyyouaresuchafinegirl : a pop song by the group "Looking Glass")


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