By the Ocean*

By the ocean*

By the ocean Mediterranean,
Finding You, la amore,
Was such a journey by itself
That even if i go , taking other roads,
Oft i do come back to You,
There, sometimes I got that feel
Have I left a part of me,

Yes, by that sea,
By that Villa Communale,
There where we spent hours,

You , me, painted scenes,
Amadore's dwelling ,
Near that Tabachchi store,
How oft they come back,
In colored scapes, more,

And i just think
Am I awake,
Or fast asleep,

In love Thine,
How everything,
See, i close to Heart keep,

By that ocean, Mediterranean,
How I find waves , foams, surf,
And seagulls, boats,

How they all come,
In Painted shapes and forms.

(*Note : loosely based upon a painting as attached, done by a wonderous Artist and Painter, Valery. Courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni.)


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