Being bridesmaid*

When you will be bride
And from stairs,
When you will try
To throw the bouquet
To the bevy of ladies,
I will be, your bridesmaid,
Looking at you
And also the congregation,

There will be peals of laughter,
Amidst subtle tune of piano
Being played and that lovely sound
Of forks and spoons and knives
Talking with pieces of cutlery ornate,

When you will be bride,
I will be your bridesmaid,
And there will be bouquets
Of flowers and ladies,

Gossips and lores will fill the hall,
Like those writings which preceded us,
Stories will gather around our sleeves,
Your white lacy gown will be flowing
And I, like those sylphs , will take care of thee,
Your lip gloss, nail polish, rouge,
Hairclips, pins, powder and brooch,
Will i be there to look after,

Glasses will tingle,
Men and women, boys and girls,
Grannies and grandpas,
Will they mingle,

Buffet will be
Sumptous and heavy,

Music will slip
Through you,
I, and your lips
Will whisper
For your love,
I will that Mark
And bring for you
messages from
Thy Heart,

The evening late
Will be ours true,

You the bride,
Me just beside You.

{*Note: based upon a painting by Harrison Fischer (1877-1933), courtesy : Women Artists Alex's Friends(WAAF) series, Musica Pittura e Dintorni}


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