At the park, one sweeping dusk*

One sweeping dusk, at the park
When it started to blow, the winds
Through us, all through,
And the leaves when took flights
Falling and going , taken by the Ares, as if,
How we came , close,
Love, whence we felt in our lips,
You perhaps thought of Spring,
Me Autumn,
And how we came, close,

When the leaves fell, murmuring
Telling us how we had so far lived,

Through the falling  trembling, stirring leaves

And the  sweeping , lovely, cool breeze
Blowing through,
Taking Your umbrella a few yards away,
How the breeze took us from us, a way. {* Note: loosely based on a painting as attached;
Artist : Elena Bond,
Courtesy: Alex Artista, AWL(Art Without Limits) Series }


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