'If you got the dare, you would have the fever...'

This twilight is amazingly cool
As cool is her eyes,
As cool as the life that flies by,
me relentless,
As a kiss made slight,
As a fast dying light
Kisses the wind,
As kisses the moist
Lips of first love
On a staircase going up,

This twilight,
Is amazing me,
And those eyes hers
Deep where me resides
With my all favoured dyes,
Amazing colored dresses me takes to...
Like finding dews
Dropping by the spine,
Like touching her line by line...

And she takes forms
Of fever,
Smilingly telling me,
'If you got the dare
You got the fever,
But that hardly matters...
For heavens are borne
By the wind of autumn...'


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