This morn is Eternal,

This morn is eternal,
Like Sunshine,
Like a song,
Like Love
Of life,
Like a sky so blue white,
Like this Breeze,
Like the Beauty me sees
In You,
Every passing moment
Of my travels,
My gliding ride through the city,
Finding peace filling my kitty,
Finding faces woken up at windows,
Puffed, looking out like a beauteous dawn,
where seeds of birth You sow,
Like from a bath, a child being born,
Like a perfumed flower getting filled
By the wetness of the air, this lovely morn,
Like a painted building standing drenched,
By gold of the Sun, where dreams grow dense,
Like a river never coming to a stop,
Like a movie hall with a giant ticking clock,
Ticking forever ticking,

This morn is
Like You.


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