Watching you, simply,

Watching You,
Your ways
In simple things
Is perhaps the only way,
To go near You,
Up close , impersonal,

Like watching in the sky,
Your paints autumnal,
And feeling the wind into me,
Carrying You, your scented journey,

In simple things,
You come,

To me, on a fun filled dusk,
Like little ripples
On waters, supple,
Like a strong flavour of a musk,
A car flying by the road, pretty, in glory basked,

Like little children making merry,
Playing around, hide n seek,with feets* in hurry,

Like wavy hair resembling a cascade,
Walking lazily, what a fate!

Like the yellowish orangy twilight
Falling on a lit up face, slight...

Like this free flowing musical harmony,
On a painted skyline, sans felony,

Like finding the kid's cycle
Never ever falling idle,

In simple things
You come
To me...

In Your simple ways...
In purest presence,
In  lucid sense,
In moving gait,
In never wanting strait, 
In beatings of the Unheard rhyme,
In brows so by lines entwined...
In bangles,coppery ornate on wood,
In mirrory life, eyes holding me so good...

Find me always
In simple candid ways...

At home,


In the world...

In designs,

In craft...

In Genesis,

In Art.

( Note: *feets : not typo, intended, 

The photo attached was taken by me,

the objects in the picture, belong to my better half,
Only me took a click and did an edit,

♡ ya, Soma, what more can me say? )


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