If the morn such a Beauty like arrives, how can one sleep?

If the morn
With a cool wet breeze such
And if the rooster calls,
And birds chirp being in harmony
With the songs in the air,
If the season such feel like drapes one,
Like a silent peaceful lovely dawn,
How can,
One sleep?
Without slipping into a state
Of being filled by the sky?
How can one keep closed one's eyes
Never to be awakened to the Sunrise?
How can one pass a day break
Without realising how life in blossoms take
All sweetness of Life to bloom
So heartful?

If the morn comes with such an awesome birth
Of another begining of a journey to deepest mirth
Of living life, celebrating it like a flow of a tide,
How can one not open
One's eyes and ears?
How can one just lie indifferent
To the morn's birth, so happy fresh a sense?
How can one just not be at harmonious rest?
By You, not Blessed?


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