Like Athena, ashine,

Like Athena,*
How You come in shape of a plate, sometimes,
On silvery scape, shining bright,
Your Face there carved,
Like an Art, so lit up, by the light,

Like Athena,
How knowledge of arts and crafts,
You upon me by essence drop,
A deep sense of Your eyes of mind,
O how you me there like a write bind,

And me thinks how in Your Birth You golden alphabets wrote
From Zeus how You fountains of knowledge growed,
Into works of minds and souls,
Into pots, plows, chariots and crafted bowls,
How You having only light
Spread owls wise, for the night,
And held, by Zeus allowed,
His thunderbolt,
How You charged it like a plough
On lands without any seeded birth, any rise,
How You held olive branches peaceful there like Your sighs...

( Note: *Athena: goddess of knowledge, daughter of Zeus;)


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