Like an objective co relative,*

Like an objective
If me says
To spend you night and days
As spends the energy of a mass
To pure light,
Like an objective
If me says
To send you dizzy to the stars,
Where the sky soothes like a cooled down Mars,
How would you me receive?

Knowing the Unknowing
Is a pleasant thing,
For it brings all,
The seasons of mirth
The heaviest rainfall,
The tune of heaven
In every possibility Even,

As happens
me looking at the widest me,
Growing up,
Always like a poetic flame,
Tamed by bonds of my childhood,
Rediscovered in me and in you,
Calmed by the purest bliss
Of joys of mortal life
Death occurs where like a priceless cease,

If me calls you
By Your artful chants,
If me finds You in deserted sands,
If me smiles at even the dark,
How will you call, me, in what name?
A spark?
A ray?
A luminous frenzy?
A speaker Altec Lansing# ?
A drumbeat of Self?
A too proud a pelf?

For life is just a journey,
For you,
For me,
For all creatures,
Can you not that see?
How The Omnipotent had such devised
Every thing like a fall and rise?
How a process recyclic constant works?
How we all are bound by The Unbound, Marked?

Like objective corelative
Musically poised,
We move on to this journey such choiced,
Like art and sculpture and paintings write
Eternal forms in temporary slides,

Let me sing more for You,
Let me bow more at You...
Let me be, at this state of wonder,
Let me stay, as completely bewildered,
And let me paint smiles all over this earth,
Let me shoot sparks from unextinguished hearth...
Till me dies,
By You.

( Note: * objective Corelative: a literary term,
#Altec Lansing: a sound system company, a brand, )


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