You how write colors, You how me hold,

You how write colors
In me, in my sea
Of eyes, where you light
Your diamonds bright,
Every moment,
O how You come
Like lighted dawns,
To drop Your arms
Upon me, shoulders mine,
To hold me up,
To Your Divine,

And me
Becomes the air,
me runs the road of life
With breeze of autumn
Through my hair,

You how shower
Scent of shiuli,
From Your Heavenly Bower,
Like Truth of a Beauty,
And me is reminded
Of that tree,
Underneath which me
Finds child me,

me finds You
There, spreading Your Autumnal layer
Of dews Infinite sparkling
Like drops of ether condensed,
O how my childhood in You,
Every Autumn me sense,

and me finds that lane,
Like a rivery flow going
Forever going,
From past to present
To futurity,
O how Your autumn
Helps me find my city,
Drenched in festive joys of life,
Touching me with a sky blue white,
And also with an inexpressible mirth,
Like a morn breaking to a faith of a Birth,

And me finds how balloony hopes
Float up from me,
Colored by You,
Your Eyes deep
Like a sea.


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