This rain is like a freedom on me!

Rains happen
Like going away to the far,
Blessed by Her,
Neptune's daughter,
Whom me meets often in vision,
In white walking a slow motion,
Through waters of Ganges,
Bhagirathi, Tiber, Tames...
Walking exactly like my dame...
A slow walk through the water,
A movement causing only me soul to go aflutter...

And the streets by lights fashioned,
Hold me miniscule, so impassioned,
As passion murmuring calls
A brook from where the mountain falls,
Running through the ups and downs
Of hills, plateaus, plains, sown unsown...

Sometimes a Holy drizzle me finds
Happening caused by the outpouring outside,
Sometimes me by Her Bless,
Wears a weary sleepy balmed dress...
And in that sleep me finds
My soul with Freedom entwined...
As free a sleep rests on completeness
Of a world without chaos, pains and stress...

As harmony natural caused by Sprite,
On streets hold only lights
Of an evening so beautiful,
As if with Peace there me feels the cool
Of a season so awesome, wonderous,
As if me hath through this life always passed...
In dreams, in childhood verses,
in drawing pictures of my searches...
Of a journey of a return kind
Where with happiness one gets truely blind...
Where sheuli falls eternal,
Where a tree at the yard stays fragrant all the times...


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